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 Betreiber Doris u. Dieter Haas Diskothek  Joy Club Simmern                                      


  Diskothek Joy club Simmern



 Diskothek Joy Club in  Simmern, Germany 

 Diskothek Joy Club in  Simmern, Germany 

   Rita and I @ Diskothek  Joy Club Simmern


               Eve and I   

Diskothek  Joy club Simmern                                                       MP Roy Sawyers JR

The swimming pool Simmern, Germany 

Simmering is  affected by the 50th Latitude, in the hilly landscape of theHunsrück in the so-called Simmerner trough . The old town center is located in the valley of the Simmer Bach spread on the surrounding heights, the newer parts of the city. The Külzbach flows on the western outskirts into the Simmersbach. East of the city you will find a recreation area with the Simmersee artificial. South of the city begin surveys of Soonwald with a part of Simmerner city forest.

Simmern July 5 2012