Rheinböllener Straße 31 55494 Dichtelbach, Germany 06764 303179-0
Dichtelbach: radar detachment, 1st Bn, 59th ADA (P); munitions depot Hardware: Patriot 
Nike Hercules Missile Radar area tIFC then in 1985 became a Patriot area launcher Area 

Dexheim (2-3 ADA later 4-7 ADA)

IRP Dichtelbach or Rheinbollen - wiesbaden Patriot btry

IRP Grenderich - Grenderich Patriot btry

1) Battalion resignations (Dexheim, Giessen, and Kaiserslautern) were a result of reflagging - changing unit designations for the purpose of heraldry - not any change to the actual unit or its structure.

2) IRP designations come from a variety of sources - NATO designations, local designations, etc. No accepted standard for all sites.

3) I'm curious too about Wertheim. 8-43 ADA .

4) More US Patriot info: Initially, each battalion had three firing batteries but only two IRPs. Units rotated among the sites on a regular basis. When not on an IRP, the third battery would be in a maintenance status in the HQ location. Its eight launching stations would remain uploaded with missiles in a facility known as the Central Missile Storage Area (CMSA). These (HQ locations and CMSAs) are other PATRIOT related facilities of interest. CMSA for Ansbach battalion was located at 49°25'54.65"N, 10°24'10.72"E. This is the only CMSA location that I know. They are no longer in use. When I went there in 2002 it was being used by the US for furniture storage

Each of the seven US Patriot Missile Battalions in Germany had two initial ready positions (IRPs). Your overlay is excellent, and I'd like to add another location for consideration. Go to 49d 45m 37.73s N, 9d 29m 23.78s E. This IRP would be the second site for 8-43 ADA which was headquartered in Giebelstadt. The lat/long references the former location of the radar set. There's been a lot of construction here and it's not as obvious that this was an IRP. The other 8-43 IRP is shown on your overlay as "Kitzingen Patriot btry".

Also, all of the other US sites in Germany that you've identified are IRPs, except for the sites designated as "Dexheim Patriot btry" and "pirmasen patriot btry". They may be related to Patriot but I'm not sure if they're IRPs.

Dexheim, after being dismissed as a Nike site,
was the home of the C 2/3 and later 4/7 ADA, but probably no IRP site there.

US NATO PATRIOT Battalions with HQ locations, BN designations thru 1992, and Initial Ready Positions (DuckHunter and spitfirexyz designations)

Ansbach (6-43 ADA)
IRP Katterbach - Katterbach Patriot btry
IRP Oberdachstetten - Illesheim Patriot btry

Bitburg (5-7 ADA)
IRP Idenheim - Welschbillig Patriot btry
IRP Neuheilenbach - Balesfeld Patriot btry

Dexheim (2-3 ADA later 4-7 ADA)
IRP Dichtelbach or Rheinbollen - wiesbaden Patriot btry
IRP Grenderich - Grenderich Patriot btry

Giebelstadt (8-43 ADA)
IRP Kitzingen - Kitzingen Patriot btry
IRP Wertheim ? - Wertheim Hawk battery

Giessen (4-3 later 4-43 ADA)
IRP Giessen - Hawk>Ptr Btry Giessen
IRP Ockstadt - Hawk>Ptr Btry Ockstadt

Hanau (2-43 ADA)
IRP Babenhausen - Hawk>Ptr Btry Babenhausen
IRP Erlensee - Hawk>Ptr Btry Hanau

Kaiserslautern (6-3 ADA later 1-7 ADA)
IRP Landau - Landau Patriot btry
IRP Quirnheim - Quirnheim Patriot btry


















                          B/2/3 Patriot missile System Dichtelbach


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My name is Frank Gilpin, and I pulled many hotcrew shift on the Dichtelbach site when I was assigned to B Battery, 2nd Battalion (PATRIOT), 3rd Air Defense Artillery in 1986 - 1987. It wasn`t bad duty at all. Our battalion rotated 3 different batteries on and off the site from the time we occupied the site in 1986 to sometimes after the Gulf War. The battalion redesignated to the 4th Battalion (PATRIOT), 7th Air Defense Artillery sometime in 1989-1990. The Battalion was headquartered in Dexheim, and the other site was called Grenderich (near Hahn AFB). 

MIM-104 Patriot Missile System


        From 1986 to 1991 was on the hill a division of the 6th Air Defense Artillery Battalion of the Armed Forces of the United States with MIM-104 Patriotmissiles stationed[a]in the framework of the second gulf war have been deducted[2]. For the storage of the missiles were eight Shelter summit built on[3]



Dichtelbach was first mentioned in documents in 996. Country Gentlemen were the Dukes of Pfalz-Simmern and from 1673 the electors of the Palatinate. With the occupation of the left bank of the Rhine in 1794 by French revolutionary troops in place, the French, 1814, he was in the Congress of Vienna, the Kingdom of Prussiaassigned. Since 1947, the place part of the newly founded state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

During the period of the Cold War were on the Kandrich at Dichtelbach American Patriotmissiles with nuclear warheads for anti-aircraft stationed. Of which today bears witness to a shack in the woods, and eight on the horseshoe-shaped defense Kandrich, where three wind turbines are today. Prior to the Patriot air defense missiles there were on the Kandrich a radar station that used in directing the Grundlos-Wies stationed on Nikemissile was used. By the end of the cold war military facility was abandoned on the Kandrich, the barracks and in the meantime, the newly-built military camp on the Grundlos-Wies at Dichtelbach followed until 2006.





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