1st Reunion July 4th, 2011 

This Nike Hercules Missile Site is dedicated to all soldiers, family members and friends that served in Delta Btry 2nd 1st ADA 32nd AADCOM, Dichtelbach, Germany. We are in search of all veterans that served here, Originally D-5-1-ADA. A Cold War Missile site on the side of a mountain in Dichtelbach, Germany

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Ken Crotty playing a joke on us!

Danny and Kristy


The Thump Squad

Deep Thought!


That's  all folks!

Three musketeer's!

Chuck and Marcy 




Rhine River trip to Boppard and back to Bacharach.


Launcher Area Tour

Time for a smoke

Pepo's Tanza Club


Alpha Section

Mountain Men

Van and Bettina 

Van and Art


Danny and Kristy


The fella's found some sweets!

Looking for Danny