Launcher Area is Currently leveled 

A Place called Dichtelbach

We've loved every minute of our journey. .

Winter in Dichtelbach 

Winter 1977 The water truck kept the roads clear.

Walking Back up the Hill 

Winter 1976

Looking at the main gate and the pump house.

Sometime in the Sixties                             

The weather hasn't changed, we have.

Cold Duty             

Main gate 

The Warhead Building

Post #2 & #3

Alpha Section

Toward Bravo From Alpha

Bravo Pad

Bravo Revetment

Bill Cooper shared these photos


Main Gate

The Breezeway


Main Gate

Alpha Section Revetment
D 2 1 ADA Barracks

D 2 1 ADA Barracks

Mess Hall


Alpha Section

D 2 1 Launcher Area 2015

Post 2 & 3