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This web site dedicated to all US ARMY soldiers, family and friends that served in Delta Btry 2 1 ADA 32nd AADCOM,  originally D 5 1 ADA Nike Hercules Missile System deployed to Dichtelbach, Germany 1962.

                                  The 32nd Army Air & Missile Defense Command

In February 1951, the unit was reactivated at Mildenhall, England as the 32d Anti-Aircraft Brigade to defend U.S. Air Force bases from air attack. In June 1957, the brigade deployed from England to Kaiserslautern, Federal Republic of Germany. The following year it was re-designated Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 32d Artillery Brigade. The unit was initially equipped with 75mm and 90mm anti-aircraft guns but acquired the Nike Hercules Missile System in 1960 and the Hawk Missile System in 1961. In May 1961, the 32d was re-designated as the 32d Army Air Defense Command. Subordinate to the 32d AADCOM were the 10th, 69th, 94th and 108th ADA brigades, making it the largest air defense unit in the U.S. Army. As part of USAREUR and Seventh U.S. Army, it maintained a constant watch over West Germany in support of NATO. In November 1975, Headquarters Battery, 32d AADCOM moved from Kapaun Barracks in Kaiserslautern to Cambrai-Fritsch Kaserne in Darmstadt, Germany.

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